One of the most played Nickel Hunting Games in Chile.
It has accumulated and progressive jackpot. Bonus of the Cauldron and Diabinhos, and the option to double the amounts won. Come on and try it.
Multiply your winnings and have fun for free

Play for fun by earning free credits while completing tasks

* Roller with 25 rows

* Manual or automatic play

* Option to double the amount won by pressing the Fold button

* Choose how many lines you want to play

* Choose your bet and multiply by the selected rows

* Maximum bet of 1000 credits

Check the paytable by pressing the “Table” button during the game.

The Accumulated will be paid from bet 2 (two) with the 25 lines selected.

You can include credits * during the move. Pressing the Menu button next to the table at the bottom of the screen, enter free credits, complete one of the tasks on the list and wait for the update of your credits in the game (it can take up to 5 minutes to be connected to the internet).

Applying for daily credits: You can apply for credit once a day, and if you have less than 5000 credits.

Good fun